Since the 90’s technology has been influencing and defining both our personal and professional lives. Thanks to this, we have changed the way we shop, interact and ultimately, how we live. It is clear why technology holds the title for the undisputed driver off success for modern business. Every industry has now gone digital to some degree. Lets take a look at some ways this has occurred..


An IT/Tech department has now become the most important part of businesses. Companies require a workforce that is tech savvy, at least with the basics. IT experts are greatly valued because of their ability to help a business deal with the ever-changing dynamics at a organizational level. They are key, given their capacity to assist businesses and maintain their competitive edge. As technology evolves, businesses have an overriding need to incorporate some form of technology, if they wish to stay in the market competitively. Technology contributes in:

Enhanced Communication

Technology has allowed us to streamline and drastically improve the timing and delivering of information throughout our businesses. Whether it’s a social connection or you are trying to relay mission critical data, things are no longer what they used to be. In-house technology directs this data to the correct departments or sections so that ultimately, the business processes are never delayed or halted because of a lack of information passing through the business.

Enhances Marketing & Business Growth

From an external point of view, technology has allowed businesses to communicate and service a much wider audience than ever before. It allows more competitors to break into new markets, making the battleground between businesses and their customers ripe with action. Forward thinking entrepreneurs have taken full advantage of digital marketing to drive traffic. Even construction workers and factories have largely embraced technology in all their business processes. The point is, it’s around and if you don’t use it to grow and scale your business, you will struggle to keep up. Remember, a skilled IT team is the key to your success. You need experts who are conversant with search marketing, web optimization and social media targeting.

Decision Making

The fundamentals. The foundation to any successful business. Good decisions. Traditional methods of business had us make decisions based purely on the result. That result could be in the form of profits, a product, share price or even a service. But now, technology allows us to collect data, from every single aspect of your business. Every single process or activity monitored, measured and communicated to you. Some technology even alerts businesses to potential problems before they occur. Not to mention, it has greatly reduced the room for error when reporting. You have a guarantee of accuracy with metrics drawn from the finance, marketing and customer engagement departments. It is technology that captures critical data and helps a business to see its weak areas, and ways of how to strategize accordingly.

Maintain Industry Relevance

Whether its mining, retail, warehousing or logistics, there is a form of technology that has been designed to enhance productivity and efficiency of your operations. Technology and its impact on business is ever changing. New developments can be the difference between success and failure. As competition grows, so do the products and services that keep the industry alive. You don’t want to be overtaken by events, trends or your competitors. Remember, communication is one factor that you need to grow. Always make sure that you capitalize on advanced communication methods and channels to stay relevant and wiser.